Game Design

Great game design will make players smile and love your game. It will make the game feel unique and enjoyable

Exclusive features

We bring outside the box features to life within your projects. We want to be in 2017  before anybody else

Totally responsive

Our games will always work on almost every device type. We want everybody to share the best experience we can offer.


We love to keep in touch with our players. We want to have a great relationship with everybody that loves our games.

Innovative ideas

Innovation is a key element we desire in our games. We want every game to have an unique experience.

Retina ready design

Our games will always be available for retina displays at the highest possible quality we can offer.

Translation ready

We love to have our games in more than one language. We know how important a unique cultural experience can be for our players

Contact us

We love to talk to you! Give us a shout and we will be here to answer any of your questions.